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Welcome to the Secure Processors Website. The purpose of this Website is to inform you of the full range of electronics recycling services that we offer to commercial accounts and to residential consumers. We feel that once you review our organization you will select Secure Processors to meet all your recycling needs.


The beginning of the process for all electronics recycling is to obtain information about the equipment intended to be recycled. We have included on this website an electronic Inventory Form that allows the user to provide information to us concerning what type of equipment is to be recycled.


From this information we are able to email you a Quote and Data Report that will indicate the cost for equipment to be recycled. A Certificate of Destruction is available by request.

To begin this process, please click Here and complete the form. If at any time you need assistance please call us at (618) 662-4823.




We maintain a permanent drop-off location in Flora, Illinois. More information is located under our Consumer Collection Activities Tab.


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